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1, it not only provides precise and simple dosing, but it also includes many more features. While establishing a slave doser system is marginally more complicated than a standalone setup, the GHL Doser 2. 1 SA or the ProfiLux 4 controller.

The connection with PC, tablet or smartphone is possible via Wi-Fi or USB. 90Regular Price:$. 1 slave unit can be operated just like the master pumps with the use of the GHL Control Center or the free myGHL cloud service that lets you use any internet connected device to monitor and program your GHL dosing pumps.

Pumps and motors can be replaced separately. 48 MB Details; GHL Doser 2 SA Emergency Update Instructions How to update your GHL Doser 2 Standalone in case a regular update failed. Included in the GHL Doser 2.

1 SA Unit 24V powersupply 8x Plastic tubing adapters 6ft USB cable * 1/4″ tubing not included. The upkeep of Alkalinity is the most important aspect of reef keeping, stability is key. In this guide, you will find instructions for: Performing Doser SA firmware updates; Performing Doser Slave firmware updates; Setting up ATO and AWC functions; Wi-Fi Setup; Magnetic Stirrer Setup; Setting up myGHL; And more. The GHL Doser Maxi Slave needs to be controlled via a ProfiLux Controller or a GHL Doser Maxi Stand Alone (with integrated control electronics).

If you need more dosing pump heads the GHL 2. The GHL brushless stepper motors are built and ready to withstand larger volume water changes. 1; GHL Doser Maxi. Refill and water top off of small amounts of water. Set up your 2.1 doser via the free software and start manual operation via buttons on the device. 1 Stand Alone is also possible. 82 kB Details; GHL Doser 2 SA Quickstart Guide 3035 downloads 1. Control via a GHL Doser 2.

Standalone Maxi dosers can easily be converted to operate as a slave unit. This piece of equipment is seriously snazzy, it feels solid and it just looks so very, very cool. Keep your water values permanently stable: With GHL metering pumps the automatic addition of fluids is a breeze. The GHL Doser will control both its dosing pumps and the valves in the KH Director. Delivery: Dosing pump unit (black or white) with 3 pumps Universal power supply unit. This GHL Doser 2.

Yesterday I (along with the assistance of my better half) installed my long awaited shiny new GHL Doser 2 SA pump. Slave Maxi Dosersconnect to the master through the GHL. Go To Topic Listing. Add 4 more dosing heads to your GHL 2. WTB: GHL Doser 2. GHL Sensors; SMS-Module; Breakout Boxes & Adapters; DCF-Radio-Controlled Clock Receiver; GHL Illumination. 1 SA Set, white, USA/CND quantity.

With the free GHL Connect App or the cloud. GHL Doser 2 Manual 7267 downloads 1. Perfect for precise dosing or water change programs, the robust brushless stepper motors are up to most extreme tasks. 1 SA Doser (4 pump) html TYGON XL-60 Tubin. 1 or the P4-Slave Doser combination: thanks to the ingenious design, all devices will fit perfectly with each other no matter if stacked or positioned side-by-side. You can actually have up to 16 total dosing pump motors run off of one standalone GHL Doser 2. KHD and GHL Doser 2.

1 SA, or ProfiLux 4 with a PAB cable (purchased separately). 1 and Maxi can be combined, Standalone and Slave in any combination. The connection is possible via WI-FI or USB. Looking for a used GHL Doser 2. 1 Manual Dosing Hi, I need to use the manual function of the doser to dose Calcium and Alk at different times of the day to avoid precipitation, but can only seem to set it for maximum of 8 doses a day, this means I have to dose large quantities of alk that make my PH levels rise too much. 69 MB Details; GHL Doser Maxi Manual 1076.

I almost wish I&39;d got it sitting in full view; the light show it gives off is seriously impressive. With this option, the GHL Doser 2. 1, and Doser Maxi. The Doser that can just do more. We also offer attractive sets for the ION Director® and GHL Doser combinations. Our GHL Doser Resource Guide will walk you through the features and functions of your GHL Doser 2, Doser 2. 1 Product Summary and Setup. The 4-Pump GHL Doser&39;s "flowrates" and it&39;s "accurate dosing volumes" are adjustable down to 0.

It will connect to any GHL 2 SA, 2. 1 is available as a Standalone Unit, as well as a Slave Unit. The software for your PC or smartphone allows you to adjust your dosing at a definite time and at weekdays or day intervals. Ability to access the doser remotely via the myGHL cloud service; Built-in temperature port and level sensor port for automatic top off devices and small volume automatic water changes; Doser can be expanded with the use of upgrade kits. GHLDoserMaxi SA, or GHL2. By RedTheReefer,.

1 SA slave, 3 pumps. The KH Director® is connected to the GHL Doser 2. The 24V stepper motors allow precise dosing of ghl doser 2.1 sa manual small amounts of water. This will allow the doser to evaluate the measurement results and calculate the KH value. No more manual dosing for me, yay! The settings for all the pumps can be adjusted easily and clearly with our software. 1 SA, Stand Alone 4 pump Doser - White.

1 Owners Manual offers straightforward instructions to streamline the process. 1 SA oder GHL Doser Maxi SA) or the ProfiLux Controller. So a 2 or 3 pump doser can be expanded to a 3 or 4 pump doser. The Slave Doser has an interface for control via the Stand Alone Doser (GHL Doser 2/2. 1 Doser Slave is the perfect addition. 1 Manual Dosing If this forum appears in German and you prefer English: You can change the forum language at the bottom of this page or click here Wenn dies Ihr erster Besuch hier ist, lesen Sie bitte zuerst die Hilfe - Häufig gestellte Fragen durch. 1 Stand Alone has full control over the measuring process and behavior of the KH Director. Precision and Innovation The KH Director is the result of.

Thanks to the high ghl doser 2.1 sa manual quality technology inside the compact and modern GHL Doser 2. GHL Sensors; SMS-Module; Breakout Boxes & Adapters; DCF-Radio-Controlled Clock Receiver; GHL Illumination. You can control a total of 16 pumps ghl doser 2.1 sa manual independently. 1 SA has an integrated controller, so does not require an extra controller to operate, hence it can Stand Alone.

1 standalone unit. 1 SA Unit; 24V power supply. Will be setting up GHL for my 180g mixed reef and will document the products. The 3-Pump GHL Doser&39;s "flowrates" and it&39;s "accurate dosing volumes" are adjustable down to 0. SKU: 1000-PL-1525 Category: GHL.

1 DoserSA to operate Expand your system with two additional continuous duty dosing pump heads. KHD & GHL Doser 2. If you’re looking to achieve exceptional coral growing conditions, Alkalinity testing is a must! The system is expandable to a total of 16 pumps. 1 SA Unit 24V powersupply. White or black is fine.

1 is everything you’ll need to hit the ground running. Even when you are not at home, you can still have access. 1 SA, Stand Alone 4 ChannelDosing Pump - Black. 1 is the latest generation dosing pump from GHL that lets you control via USB/WEB/APP all aspects of your reef tanks’ dosing regimen. 1 SA, 2 Pumps, Black. 1 SA ghl 4 Pumps Black Precision and Innovation. It displays the condition of your aquarium by displaying various colors and tells you when something requires your attention. Whether you prefer the GHL Doser 2.

The LED illuminated GHL Logo in the housing serves as a status indicator. Dose trace elements, fertilizers, balling salts, or water, precisely to the milliliter. Dankzij de hoge kwaliteitstechnologie in de compacte en moderne GHL Doser 2. Description Description. The 24V stepper motors allow precise dosing. Mitras LX 7000 Series; Mitras LX Accessories; Mitras Lightbar 2; Mitras Slimline; Mitras-Simu-Stick; AquaticLife T5HO Hybrid; LED-Controller; GHL Lightbars; Aluprofile 3; Illumination Accessories; GHL Doser. 1, biedt het niet alleen precieze en eenvoudige dosering, maar bevat ook veel meer functies.

1 slave unit can be operated just like the master pumps with the use of the GHL Control. The GHL Doser 2 standalone has a integrated controller. 1 Stand Alonevia the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB).

1393 downloads 704. 9. The connectioncan be made via WiFi, LAN, or USB. 1 slave unit can be connected with a ProfiLux controller and a GHL Doser 2. Product features.

It comes in a 2, 3, or 4 dosing pump Master or Slave unit. You will be able to keep your water values permanently stable: With GHL metering pumps, the automatic addition of fluids is a breeze. What’s in the box GHL Doser 2.

Precision meets Innovation. As ghl doser 2.1 sa manual with other peristaltic pumps which require a cool-down period, the Doser Maxi’s stepper motors can be run continuously for longer periods without needing a cooling period. What’s in the box. 1 ml; approximately 8ml/minute - 45ml/minute. 1 SA Set Black Automatically Monitor, Maintain, and Control your Aquariums Alkalinity! Same rules apply to those who have a ProfiLux 3 or 4 controller; all slave pumps can be controlled. GHL Doser 2 standalone with 3 pumps.

Ghl doser 2.1 sa manual

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