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The 26 -F Control Valve automatically responds to the operation of the brake valve to develop and release air pressure for piloting the “J” Relay Valve to apply and release the locomotive brakes. The Indian locomotive class WDG-3A is a class of diesel-electric locomotive that was developed in 1994 by Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW),Varanasi for Indian Railways. . Holden Frontera M7 Repair Manual - Download Wdg4 ir manual.

Sixty broad-gauge locomotives were built in 1944 as part of an order of 180 S160 engines. Manual For Flash Butt Welding of Rails. THIRD GROUP It is true of a diesel-electric locomotive engine that its: 4 15. WDG3A/WDM3D Maintenance spares Manual. The Indian locomotive class WDM-3A is a class of diesel-electric locomotive that was developed in 1993 by Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Varanasi for Indian Railways.

Generator transmits mechanical action from the pistons to the crankshaft. · 7 a) OVER VIEW Inception 22nd April1857 Present Holding 147 Locomotives 19 WDM2 37 WDM3A 08 WDM3D 11 WDG3A 46 WDP1 26 WDP3A Accreditation ISO& ISO 14001 Covered area of shed 10858 SQ. WDG4 Loco Remote Contrrol Max speed 105 Kmph. Broad Gauge Diesel Locomotives. The compilation of various diesel locomotives of Indian Railways can be seen as follows; 1) Ratnagiri Dadar Passenger behind KYN WDG-3A 14983 speeds past Bh. TC 7 & 8 L-78 Locomotive, Diesel. .

The automatic system, the locomotive&39;s reservoir supplies air to each car. 2 fitted on Alco Locomotives: English Hindi: 29. · (3) It provides for manual pressure relief so as to permit safe removal of the water tank filler cap for filling of the water tank or the addition of water treatment.

Manual for fusion Welding of Rail By the Alumino-Thermic Process. Freight locomotives have to haul far heavier loads as compared to passenger services and hence require to be heavier and have higher effort to get moving. · Also watch :- WAP5 sketching - be/gCZByiD6zmk WDG4 GT46MAC sketching - be/FsvTFzGuroA WAP 1 Locomotive sketching - Diesel Locomotives. 3 Coach SPART converted from 2 coach. Document Title: MANUAL MAINTENANCE FOR DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES Revised Printed: /03/08 Page 265 of 303 13. Proper knowledge of system and trouble shooting is necessary to ensure reliability and availability of locomotives in sheds as well as on line. - Monster Diesel Engine Sound | Indian Railways Video - Catch the beautiful action of an Indian Diesel Locomotive chugging its way through the Indian countrysi. · A WAGC3-class diesel locomotive has been converted to electric and the new indigenous ‘Make in India’ engine delivers 5,000 HP, which is a 92% increase from the on rail track 2,600 HP of the.

Indian Railway Commercial Manual Volume-II. Since 1993, it has been manufactured in India by the Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Varanasi. Maintenance Manual for 1400 HP DEMUs:: English. What does WG stand for in locomotive? However, there are literally hundreds of types of steam locomotives that have been used in India, and locos classified &39;WG&39;, &39;WP&39;, etc. Indian Railways Work Manual. pptx), PDF File (. · wdg3a shakti locomotive drawing video by "Sketches & Diagrams Art" watch full video and drop your comments in comment box.

Tmdepartment of the army technical manual locomotive diesel-electric 56&39;/2&39; gage general electric 23. The model name stands for broad gauge (W), Diesel (D), Goods traffic (G) engine, 3100 Horsepower (3A) locomotive. What does WDM-3A stand for?

IR-DRDO Bio-Toilet – A Short Animation Film. THE DIESEL LOCOMOTIVE 1950s EDUCATIONAL FILM SANTA FE RAILROAD EMD F3 ALCO PA XD1 The Victorian Railways T Class Diesel Locomotive - Hood Locomotives Parts of locomotive in hindi, locomotive ke parts How wdg3a locomotive manual in hindi Diesel Engines Work - Part - 1 (Four Stroke Combustion Cycle) How to Troubleshoot HO locomotives EMD SD40 start up. 1 to final speed certificate of WDG3A dated 06.

Indian Railways Permanent Way Manual. 0) fitted on Disel Locomotives. Several types of diesel locomotives have been developed, differing mainly in the means by which mechanical power is conveyed to the driving wheels. 0) fitted locomotives for diesel drivers during problems enroute. Manual to Glued Insulated Rail Joints.

This book contains trouble shooting on Micro Processor based control system MEP 660 (Ver-2. This 5,000 HP unit is one half of a 10,000 HP locomotive, says Indian Railways. MTR Total Area of shed 1, 10,000 SQ. WDS6 Maintenance Manual. The class WDG-3A is an diesel-electric locomotive used by Indian Railways. More Wdg3a Locomotive Manual In Hindi videos. The independent and automatic systems, separate levers control each type of brake.

Trouble shooting guide for loco pilots on Microprocessor MEP-660 (Ver-2. Locomotive Specifications. first time in the world any loco has been converted from diesel traction to electric traction and india railways created history. This manual outlines procedures for necessary inspection and proper maintenance by trained personnel familiar with locomotive construction and repair. A total of 72 units were bought.

are the exception rather than the rule. Western Railway Manual will be useful to the Ministry and Field Units for Vigilance. The Indian locomotive class WAG-5 is a class of 25 kV AC electric locomotives that was developed in the 1968 by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works for Indian Railways. WDG3A/WDM3D Maintenance Manual. The model name stands for broad gauge (W), alternating current (A), goods traffic (G) engine, 5th generation (5). Indian Railways Manual of AC Traction Maintenance and Operation Volume- I.

WDG4Part catalogue. A WAGC3-class diesel locomotive has been converted to electric and the new indigenous ‘ Make in India ’ engine delivers 5,000 HP, which is a 92% increase from the on rail track 2,600 HP of the older version of the locomotive. The model name stands for broad gauge (W), AC Current (A), Goods traffic (G), 9th generation (9) locomotive.

Indian Railways Maintenance Manual for Diesel Loco, popularly known as “White Manual”, was published in the year 1978. Maintenance Manual for AC LHB Coaches: English: 7. At Baiyyapanahalli Station, these light set of three coupled WDG-3A Diesel Electric Locomotives snuck up on me. Handbook on Microprocessor based control system (Ver-3. During World War II, large numbers of 2-8-2 locomotives were acquired from the United States and Canada and classified AWD and CWD. Disaster management Manual.

wdg3a locomotive manual in hindi 46 In WDG3A locomotives 3/4" COC(BP COC) is located a in/at a) Nose compartment b) LP cab c) Short hood control stand d) None of the above 47 Air pressure Cooling coils in WDG4 is located at c a) Under truck b) Engine block c) Radiator room d) Expressor room 48 Lube oil dip stick gauge capacity in WDG4 locos is c. Further details and advantages of the cooling system and valve arrangement will be apparent from the following description of wdg3a locomotive manual in hindi a preferred embodiment taken together with the. Data shown here is mainly drawn from "Diesel and Electric Locomotives of Indian Railways" by Jal E Daboo, published by the British Overseas Railways Historical Trust (BORHT), with updates and additions from the IRFCA mailing list. The first units were imported fully. The Indian locomotive class WAG-9 is a class of 25 kV AC electric locomotives that was developed in the 1995 by ABB Group (ABB) for Indian Railways. com, sitemap, pdf manuals 59, pdf manuals 81, pdf manuals 123, pdf manuals 195, pdf manuals 237 3 / 3. During Dynamic braking main generator is used to excite the field of traction motor. Diesel Locomotives WDG3A/WDM3D Maintenance Manual.

See the general loco page for an explanation of the new and old schemes. Permission is granted to copy this document in whole or part for any non-commercial (non. Picked up a colleague and proceeded, presumab. It is the dedicated freight version of wdg3a locomotive manual in hindi the hugely successful WDM-2 and share the same engine and horsepower rating with WDM-3A. 1 to final speed certificate of 3WDG3A dated 06. · TMPhillipsburg Railroad Historians. WDM2 Maintenance Manual.

BKBL is run by the current produces during dynamic braking. The WDM-3A is a later. pdf), Text File (. The Baldwin Locomotive Works adapted the USATC S160 Class locomotive design for India, and it became class AWC. Hence: &39;WG&39; = BG Goods steam loco, &39;WP&39; = BG passenger steam loco, &39;YP&39; = MG passenger steam loco, etc. Question Bank on Diesel Locomotives.

This is the Portal of Indian Railways, developed with an objective to enable a single window access to information and services being provided by the various Indian Railways entities. Handbook on WDP4 WDG4 Locomotives for maintenance staff: English: 5. WDG3A locomotive have DC-DC transmission. pptx - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (. I like locomotives - steam, diesel, electric or whatever. 3WDG3A Amendment no. which the Engineman can initiate brake applications and releases on both the locomotive and its train, o r on the locomotive independent of the train. Air brake Circuit of WDG4/P4 DEAD LOCO.

Loco pilots should understand. WDG3A Loco Remote Control Max Speed 105 Kmph. 0) WDM3A & WDG3A Locomotives: English Hindi: 30. Indian locomotive class WDM-2 - Wikipedia, the - The class WDM-2 is Indian Railways&39; workhorse diesel locomotive. The WDG3A is one of IR’s most successful locomotives and most common locomotive today with 1171 produced and still going strong, the only ALCO currently in production along with the WDM3D. Wagon Maintenance Manual. It was mostly built by DLW,varanasi with a few units being produced by Diesel Loco Modernisation Works. MTR Staff strength sanction – 1357 On roll - 1201 Berthing capacity 17 locomotives 8.

Steam: The last few models of steam locomotives used in India had this system of classification too, with one change, which was that the &39;power&39; code was dropped. However, since then a number of technological advancements such as:. Note: Class names for mainline diesels are according to the new classification scheme, with references to the class names in the old system for those classes that were renamed, or for older classes that are out of use. 3 WDM4: Indian Railways also purchased General Motors, Electro-Motive Division locos in the year 1962 which were classified as WDM4. The Hindi version is usually a phonetic transcription of the way the classification code would be pronounced in English (&39;double-you-dee-em&39;) with the series number in Hindi.

I am a rail enthusiast from Guwahati, Assam, India. pdf More PDF files: pdf200. Maintenance Manual for NDM5 ZDM5 NG Locomotive. The WDM-3A is the most common diesel locomotive of Indian Railways.

Document Title: MANUAL MAINTENANCE FOR DIESEL LOCOMOTIVES Revised Printed: /03/08 ii. I like trains a lot! How many HP is a WAGC3 class diesel locomotive? The model name stands for broad gauge (W), diesel (D), mixed traffic (M) engine. Disaster Management. WDG3A Amendment no.

Wdg3a locomotive manual in hindi

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